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PostSubject: LIST HACKING TOOLS AND THERE USES   Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:13 am

Okay, so maybe I'm not the kind of hacker that you find lurking in dark basements, hijacking government servers and stealing credit card numbers. I'm what's called an "ethical hacker": I hack with permission, for the sake of finding vulnerabilities before the "bad" hackers do. It has the same thrill of malicious hacking, but with a lot less guilt. Oh, and your targets actuallypay you to hack them! Whoever thought helping people could be so much fun?
One thing all hackers--good and bad--are famous for is their collection of hacking tools. Each hacker has his own special set of software to do pretty much anything. These collections take years, even a lifetime to refine, and are constantly growing. Old tools get thrown out, new ones find their way in. Many hackers, including myself, choose to program some of their tools from scratch.
I have read countless books, searched through articles by countless experts, and talked with countless hackers--again, both good and bad. Nobody wants to reveal their prized toolkit! Sure, you get a link or two each time, but the software is often difficult to track down, especially if you're cheap like me: I don't pay to expand my toolkit, because, chances are, the software is just going to get replaced in a year ortwo.
Well, I greatly dislike when those with knowledge refuse to share it. So here's my list: you can use it, critique it, add to it, and learn from it. These are all powerful tools that are useful in a variety of situations, many of which aren't traditionally considered hacking. Remember, though, that I am an ethical hacker; if you are looking to cause trouble, this toolkit probably won't fit your needs. It is not designed for stealth, originality, or brag rights, but rather for efficiency and power. You may even find thatmany of these tools are useful in everyday computing, application development, and troubleshooting, not just security analysis! All of the tools on the list run under Windows or are loaded from CDs/DVDs/flash drives during boot. My Linux toolkit is basically just BackTrack without X windows/KDE. I can't stand the Windows CLI, so all but the simplest tools have decent GUIs. If anyone really wants my Linux toolkit, let me know; just be warned that it is nothing like this list, and consists exclusively of command-line tools.
While it's not on the list here, I should note that TechNet is a must-have for any serious ethical hacker. TechNet costs about $300 per year, and provides full access to nearly all Microsoft software. You can download ISOs and receive as many keys as you need. The software itself has no limitations, but the Terms of Service state that you can only use the software for evaluation purposes/personal use. It's very handy to have full access to every version of Windows since 3.0. Of course, if you're an unethical hacker, you'll just try to get all that software illegally. Good luck with that. technet.microsoft.com
Due to the sheer number of tools on this list, I haven't provided links to all of them. On top of that, many, such as RAR Password Cracker 3.12, are nearly impossible to track down. (RAR Password Cracker 3.12 was discontinued with the release of RAR Password Cracker 4, and is officially labelled "freeware." Good luck finding it, though.) Also, you may want to start with the security section toward the end of the list. In the process of obtaining the hard-to-get tools, you'reinevitably going to run into a trojan or two. That's just the way it works, unfortunately. Use NoVirustThanks to quickly scan EXEs and DLLs from unofficial sources using several popular malware scanners. Once NVT is installed, you canjust right-click a file, click "Send To...," and finally"NoVirusThanks Uploader." The form will be filled out for you; click "Upload," and your web browser will open a page with the scan results.
The parenthesized notes specify any costs involved, the software bundle or suite containing the tool, and other clarifications. The majority of these tools require more extensive explanations, but those deserve their own, separate guides. I'll write a few here and there. Ibelieve at least one of the listed programs, Resource Hacker, already has a nice guide lurking somewhere on these forums. Anyone who wants to write a guide but doesn't know where to start is free to shoot me a private message. I'm always willing to give out my IM/IRC info if you need a walk-through or have tricky question--as long as you are fine with me refining the chatlogs and posting them on the forums to assist others, that is.
Proprietary Password Cracking (Windows NTLM/LM, RAR, etc.)
Cain & Abel
RAR Password Cracker 3.12 (Free, but newer versions are abou $30)
Ultimate Boot CD
Reverse Engineering
.NET Reflector
CFF Explorer (Explorer Suite)
javap (Java Development Kit)
Process Explorer (SysInternals)
Process Monitor (SysInternals)
Resource Hacker
Sothink SWF Decompiler
streams (SysInternals)
TCPView (SysInternals)
VMMap (SysInternals)
Web Penetration & Scraping
Forum Proxy Leecher
telnet (Windows - optional feature)
Visual C# 2010 Express
Networking and Internet
Active Directory Explorer (SysInternals)
Cain & Abel
Nmap - Zenmap GUI
nslookup (Windows)
ping (Windows)
telnet (Windows - optional feature)
tracert (Windows)
whois (SysInternals)
Terminals and Clients
irssi (Requires Cygwin)
TeamSpeak 2 Client
TeamSpeak 3 Client
File Editing, Extracting, and Compacting
010 Editor (PAID)
Disk2Vhd (SysInternals)
iPodRobot: plist Editor for Windows
streams (SysInternals)
Programming and Computing
Mathematica (PAID)
Visual Studio 2010 Express
Cacheinfo (SysInternals)
DiskView (SysInternals)
du (SysInternals)
Propeller Microprocessor (Parallax)
Propeller Tool (Parallax)
Ultimate Boot Disc
Personal Security & Performance
Autoruns (SysInternals)
Avira Antivirus
Cain & Abel
KeePass Password Safe
Kiwi Syslog Server
NoVirusThanks Uploader
pendmoves (SysInternals)
Process Explorer (SysInternals)
RootkitRevealer (SysInternals)
TCPView (SysInternals)
VMMap (SysInternals)
WinObj (SysInternals)
Computer Enhancements
BGinfo (SysInternals)
Cygwin (a CentOS/BackTrack VM without X Windows is a good idea, too)
Desktops (SysInternals)
Hyper-V (Windows Server 2008 R2)
PowerShell (Windows - optional feature)
regjump (SysInternals)
StickyNotes (Windows - must have)
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